become similar

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In fact, the ratings of major US agencies have become similar to weather forecasts by metrological centres that rarely come true when the forecasted rainy weather turns sunny and vice versa.
He warned against the dangers of the Syrian crisis over Lebanon saying that "Lebanon may become similar to a 'demographic reactor' that might explode like Chernobyl.
Warning against the dangers of the Syrian crisis over Lebanon, Derbas said "Lebanon may become similar to a 'demographic reactor' that might explode like Chernobyl.
According to Ertan Aydyn, a former senior adviser to Erdoy-an, the AK Party has become similar to the Ihvan (Muslim Brotherhood) instead of liberalizing world Islamic movements as it did in 2002 when the AK Party's stance was appreciated in the Islamic and Western world.
He criticized the performance of the social press which he said were limiting its effort on following the crime and have become similar to the police stations investigations records.
As financial institutions become similar to consumer financial consultants, more ways to engage with and help accountholders are beginning to increase.
It added that with the increasing importance of regular software upgrades there is a need to adapt the telecom software models so that they become similar to the IT industry - with clear software packages and transparent pricing models.
Then, if the winds nearer the sea become southwesterly, the winds can become similar enough throughout the atmosphere for hurricanes to maintain their strength.
But I have been increasingly concerned about how our sense of exploration and relationship to place has withered away as more places become similar and every high street has the same shops.
In a world where power rules, our Arab and Islamic countries should take a role in a world that has become similar to an unknown wilderness.
The main general lesson from the eurozone crisis is that a monetary union is viable only among similar countries with a willingness to integrate their economic systems--or at least among countries wishing to become similar over a clearly defined time-horizon.
The management of CML has become similar to that of chronic disorders such as diabetes and hypertension, yet a key difference remains in the extremely high cost of CML drugs.