become similar

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But when professional knowledge is openly shared and decisions are taken by independent discussions and a democratic process, they become similar to the decision to fly based on one's own choice.
Interestingly, the artist practically does not use make-up in order to become similar to Andriano.
The plight of these institutions has become similar to that of a caged parrot.
Due to this, the Earth's atmosphere could become similar to Venus' in that mostly nitrogen and carbon dioxide will make it up.
Intuitively, it makes sense that engineers and technologists who have gone to similar schools, been taught by the similar teachers, and worked at similar companies, would become similar thinkers.
Whereas group D was higher than B in 2015, they become similar in the 2017 system.
Through these very differences, the images become similar. They carry the same weight.
Interestingly, infants have also same pattern of brain metabolism observed in AD patients, and it seems that metabolism of the brains of the patients exhibiting childish behaviors become similar to the brains of the children.
Meanwhile, its marketing business is "emerging" and could become similar to that of Salesforce (CRM), Davis believes.
Malignant transformation has been reported on two of the cases that has led to significant damage to the anatomical structures in face and neck, because the principles of the surgical management of these aggressive transformations become similar to that of oral squamous cell carcinoma requiring removal of the jaw bones and radical neck dissections.
Estrada's camp said his pain now has become similar to that he experienced in November 2014 when Dr.
"We are killing one another and our camps have become similar to street wars ...