become similar

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If the Eagles win a few championships, perhaps the standard Pederson has set will eventually become similar to Belichick's Patriot Way.
Meanwhile, its marketing business is "emerging" and could become similar to that of Salesforce (CRM), Davis believes.
Speculations indicate, and many analysts agree, that Apple may drop the number sequence altogether and branding may become similar to MacBooks and iPads.
Malignant transformation has been reported on two of the cases that has led to significant damage to the anatomical structures in face and neck, because the principles of the surgical management of these aggressive transformations become similar to that of oral squamous cell carcinoma requiring removal of the jaw bones and radical neck dissections.
Estrada's camp said his pain now has become similar to that he experienced in November 2014 when Dr.
We are killing one another and our camps have become similar to street wars .
As the diseases progress, however, the symptoms can become similar because they share the same disease process.
These signs may be mixed and become similar with the same symptoms complained by the patient suffering from chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
Dar Al-Ifta's Islamophobia Observatory denounced on Tuesday the statements of a French parliament member, in which she said that the presence of veiled women in France has become similar to Nazi occupation.
However, as these countries boom in wealth and population, more countries will become similar to the United States in their dependence on AC.
TRAI said that internet telephony has now become similar to conventional telephony and these providers compete directly with existing technology used to make phone calls.
Kindergarten teachers in 2010 had much higher expectations of their students than in 1998, and their classrooms have become similar to 1stgrade classes from the 1990s, according to a study published in AERA Open in January.