become solid

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or did the Duc de la Rochefoucauld weary of entertaining submit in the most private and hidden of his private rooms at Liancourt to a blow cold with the power of the outside air become solid and does he fragment into the cracked no-man's-land riverbed, dried moat between him and his elaborations of the fields of his reading?
On the other hand, sealant is a soft, pliable material that changes state to become solid after application, and is chiefly employed for the prevention of air, noise, dust, fire, smoke, and liquid penetration, where structural strength is not required.
Provided by company Snoozebox, the "hotels" are cube tent structures which become solid when inflated.
Reach out to them in the right way, and they will become solid and loyal customers.
Mr Ivan Fu, Chief Executive Officer of C Cheng, concluded, "Looking ahead, I am optimistic that the new establishments will become solid pillars to support the expansion of the Group's capabilities to attract and service new clientele and to advance new business development.
As the country is this month paying homage to the heroism of the 1976 generation, we continue to urge young people to seize the opportunities we are presenting to them, in an attempt to promote economic self-sufficiency among them , says MEC Tlhape who urges young people to become solid strategic partners in creating jobs, growing a sustainable agriculture and greening the environment .
It will take time for her bones to become solid again but she has gained 6cm on the operated leg and might need a shoe-lift or special brace to correct a dis-balance resulting from differing heights of the operated and non-operated leg.
As a result, the ban is probably going to continue for a while until FIBA is assured that the sport here has become solid and immune.
He said the security situation has become solid, the economy has recovered and the world has become more understanding of the reality in Bahrain, stressing the government will spare no effort to achieve the desired security and stability that guarantees economic growth and commercial revival.
It also provides access to government contracting opportunities, allowing them to become solid competitors in the federal marketplace.
He said that investment in Qatar has become solid over the years, especially when new economic legislations were adopted that made the process of initiating and conducting business in the country clear and hassle-free.
actually flower and become solid plants, and unless Japan does the near impossible task of reflating its economy and having inflation of 2 percent - how is it that developing and emerging market economies can achieve high growth?