become tainted

See: degenerate
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A spokesman for Samuel Beilin and Partners said: "While it is disappointing that this wall art is leaving Liverpool, our client believed that it had become tainted by all of the adverse publicity being aimed at North Point Global Group by both the Liverpool ECHO and Liverpool City Council.
pdf) The People Capital Project SA says some members of President Jacob Zuma's executive have become tainted as corrupt and untrustworthy kleptocrats.
Without allies and steeped in the fear that, if Rosa's true nature is revealed, he will become tainted in the eyes of those he has come to care about, Che struggles to manage the unmanageable.
In other words, the palm has become tainted with superstition.
The jargon has evolved from pharmacogenetics (too limited a description) to personalized medicine (a great image in the era of consumer-driven health care, but it has become tainted as concierge, luxury, and privileged care), and then in President Obama's 2015 State of the Union address, he has retitled it as precision medicine.
The continuing delays caused by granting key figures a right of reply means the Chilcot inquiry has now become tainted by the same suspicion of cover-up as the war itself.
Even worse, the convincing victory that secured them a record-tying eighth Super Bowl appearance would become tainted.
Presiding over the meeing at the Republican Palace- the second and last meeting of the council for the year 2014, Wanas said that donor support for the programmme of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, has become tainted by a lot of caveats and risks.
As his wealth grows, Versaglio's business practices become tainted with moblike corruption and violence, mostly due to the obscure doings of Lucas Mendez, Severos brother-in-law and underboss.
Their employer had become tainted by its loose association with Enron Corp.
Cameron should have been straightforward and asked her to resign when the scandal first broke rather than trying to make it go away, and now he has become tainted by the sleaziness of his greedy minister.
As the history of currency and trade has taught us, if we believe a currency has become tainted or 'debased' and there is a loss of confidence, dramatic decline and possible complete collapse soon follows.