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Ordained to the priesthood in 1978, he has served a number of parishes in the diocese of Toronto before becoming executive assistant to the diocesan bishop in 1992, and archdeacon of York in 1994.
Keith explains, "As parents, we felt that our biggest responsibility was to guide and motivate our five through those transitional early teen years and continue that participative influence through the 'growing pains' to becoming satisfied adults.
It begins and ends with the flesh, a site both sacred and profane, ultimately becoming the potential movement into self-ownership, that which was so long denied.
time job to the next; and he is now becoming a leader in Japan's home nursing care industry.
We must look at urban environments as an architecture that had a genesis, a reason for becoming, a universe "that did not come about by necessity but as a result of freedom," (2) a freedom of ideas that began with the individual and formed by the collective.
By becoming a voice, becoming actively involved, by leading.
Why can becoming a guru in your field virtually ensure you a long-term sustainable marketing advantage over your competitors?
It's the reluctance to developing one-self--or one's students--into becoming well-rounded dancers.
At a recent national conference, "Animal Rights 2001," there was strong sentiment that becoming a vegan (a vegetarian who also eschews all animal products, including dairy) was an essential commitment.
By pretending that singing those songs meant absorbing the values that their original guardians exemplified, the folk revivalists were faking it, becoming something that they were not.
Becoming the country's leading center of commerce naturally led to it becoming its leading center of finance.