becoming greater

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He added, "With falling revenues in both passenger and cargo operations the challenge is becoming greater as each month passes.
The impact of outdoor advertising is becoming greater with time.
Therefore, I believe that HS2 is nothing more than an expansion to the London transport system - the journey time on the new Crossrail tube will be the same as on HS2 from Birmingham to London - a coincidence - and rather than the West Midlands becoming Greater Birmingham I see it as a suburb of Greater London - which may not necessarily be a bad thing.
IN RESPONSE to the recent letter from C Yates of Bootle, who was complaining about Merseyside becoming Greater Liverpool or Liverpool City Region.
May your prayer and fasting evoke a deeper and more profound connection with your heritage and faith, inspire discipline, restraint and generosity of spirit, and help guide you towards becoming greater embodiments of harmony and social justice," he said.
Hardship is becoming greater and poverty is becoming worse for more people.
Secretary-General of the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union Nour Eddin Boshkoj said the position of Arab women is becoming greater in various societies and national, regional and international systems as a result of increasing the capacities to achieve social balance.
Dafir Al Ani, another banned Sunni MP, told Gulf News the US in Iraq has lost to Iran's influence, which is becoming greater.
It was the feeling that this great country of ours was visibly becoming greater right before our eyes.
For many the fear of losing the roof above their heads is becoming greater by the day.
Rogus present a textbook on producing television news in an era when ratings and budgets are dropping, competition is growing, and the pressure to trivialize the news becoming greater.