becoming larger

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It is among other things due to the tendency that the components for the offshore wind turbines in the North Sea are becoming larger and larger.
in this process there is a significant information asymmetry between developer and local planning authority, a lack of accessibility to members of the public and is a barrier to small developers becoming larger de
Mike Baur, CEO of ScanSource, said in the release, that technologies and requirements for customer relationship management are becoming larger and more complex, and "the team at Canpango brings extensive experience around these technologies, as well as the professional services needed to make these solutions successful."
Furthermore, growth and initiative advances in digital, network, programmatic and addressable advertising are showing results and becoming larger contributors.
He has the right amount of experience and knowledge to push for a feasible solution at the moment, which is why a delay in the process would only result in the problem persisting and becoming larger than it is.
Project sizes are also becoming larger in the last four years, with the highest ever average size of $419.3m in 2015.
A molecular switch has now been discovered that appears to help embryonic heart cells switch from a glucose to fatty acid based metabolism, becoming larger, stronger, and acting like more mature heart cells.
"Dippers are increasingly becoming larger and deeper.
Mr Newport said the AMG is celebrating its 45th anniversary, and the current AMG model range is becoming larger and more varied than ever.
'Downside risks to growth are becoming larger. Looking ahead, the (Monetary Policy) Committee will closely monitor external risk factors and the consequent changes in domestic financial and economic conditions,' the BOK said.
The problem has become increasingly more prevalent with the site becoming larger and the designated parking spaces fewer.
This issue is now larger then boundaries, borders and now it is becoming larger than life so India should join hands with Pakistan to eliminate terrorism from the region, she observed.