becoming larger

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The problem has become increasingly more prevalent with the site becoming larger and the designated parking spaces fewer.
This issue is now larger then boundaries, borders and now it is becoming larger than life so India should join hands with Pakistan to eliminate terrorism from the region, she observed.
Not only are buggies becoming larger, but they have shopping hanging off the handles which takes up more room.
A In this culture of sedentary lifestyles that include hours of television time and increasing amounts of fast-food, more and more children are becoming larger and larger much earlier in life, and doctors say they are increasing the possibility for all kinds of serious, life-altering physical conditions.
At the same time, some mid-size dinosaurs were becoming larger in perhaps another evolutionary response to mammalian predation.
Almost uncharted four years ago, corporate compliance programs are now standard in healthcare organizations and becoming larger in terms of employees and budgets, according to a new survey released October 1 by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) and Walker Information.
In conventional economic terms, the externalities of corporate enterprise are starting to outweigh the internalities--the negative side-effects of production and consumption are becoming larger than the presumed benefits to the parties immediately involved.
Data centers are becoming larger and more prevalent.
Minority-owned businesses, including black-owned businesses, are becoming larger and can provide employment opportunities in our urban areas.