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I do not deny it," replied Don Quixote; "but settle thyself where thou wilt; those of my calling are more becomingly employed in watching than in sleeping; still it would be as well if thou wert to dress this ear for me again, for it is giving me more pain than it need.
The girls and women in our carriage behaved themselves modestly and becomingly all the way out, except that they smoked.
Her hair, not yet very gray, was becomingly arranged, and her black gown was modish.
Miss Datchet was quite capable of lifting a kitchen table on her back, if need were, for although well-proportioned and dressed becomingly, she had the appearance of unusual strength and determination.
Dainty sandals encased her feet, while a wimple of violet silk bordered in gold fringe, lay becomingly over her head and shoulders.
The unexpressed idea in my mind was to tell her that she would inherit a legacy under my will, and that she might quite as becomingly take money from me in my life-time as take it from my executors after my death.
See," said Jupiter, to Venus, "how becomingly she behaves.
I never saw anything more gracefully and more becomingly done in my life.
If Fanny had been charming in the morning, she was now thrice charming, very becomingly dressed in her most suitable colours, and with an air of negligence upon her that doubled Mr Sparkler's fetters, and riveted them.
ROBERT Taylor wears the tights, Liz Taylor bats her eyelids becomingly in entertaining epic of Merrie Englande.
A TALE of two Taylors: Robert wears the tights and Liz bats her eyelids becomingly in an endearing epic of Merrie Englande.
But strangely, if logically, Lurie the filmmaker is as becomingly self-effacing as his opinionated previous incarnation aggressively sought attention.