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"And the need for small businesses to be secure and protected is becomingly increasingly important.
This 'us versus them' rhetoric is becomingly increasingly visible across our society, including from the far right.
Y'akoto: 'The world is becomingly increasingly interwoven.
The contest was becomingly increasingly tetchy and Rebic was perhaps fortunate his studs-up challenge on Eduardo Salvio led to a yellow card, rather than a red shortly before half-time.
One reason for this stability is that Americans' views on the issue are becomingly increasingly partisan and therefore entrenched.
Deserving equally high esteem is Petrenko's account of A Summer's Tale, which on his recording made in January 2004 in Berlin features becomingly vivid tempos (49:44 = 13-30 - 5.39 - 5.26 - 10.12 - 14'57), particularly in the middle movements.
/ So that wickedly tossed in War and the storms of the Sea / I might be permitted to enjoy port and perpetual peace / And, if both the station and course of life was vain, / let me depart from it, such as it was, becomingly. / Be my constant companion and guardian, though / day which I hardly suspect there to be any length of time beyond.
This request for assistance topic is becomingly more frequent as unit commanders plan and conduct training to meet their Objective-T (Training) certification being reported to, and tracked at, the Headquarters of the Army level.
Like Lady Holmhurst, who is introduced principally as "a pretty fair-haired woman very becomingly dressed" (46), Augusta's status on board the Kangaroo depends upon looking the part of a "respectable young lady" (45); it is, indeed, her appearance as an "exceedingly nice-looking girl" (48) that recommends her to the first-class passengers of the ship, who otherwise uphold the customary distinctions of class.
Edited extracts appear in a number of publications produced by the ABCFM that are becomingly increasingly accessible on the internet.
Given that big-data scoring tools are becomingly increasingly