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Like Lady Holmhurst, who is introduced principally as "a pretty fair-haired woman very becomingly dressed" (46), Augusta's status on board the Kangaroo depends upon looking the part of a "respectable young lady" (45); it is, indeed, her appearance as an "exceedingly nice-looking girl" (48) that recommends her to the first-class passengers of the ship, who otherwise uphold the customary distinctions of class.
Given that big-data scoring tools are becomingly increasingly
Garado said PNP chief Police Direcctor Ricardo Marquez commended the awardees for their utmost dedication adding that their accomplishments is leading the PNP to be closer in the attainment of their vision of becomingly highly capable, effective and credible police service by 2030.
88 IT Matters: The importance of digital connectivity 92 International: Australia is becomingly increasingly important as a market in itself as well as a stepping stone to others 98 Property news: Insider's regular round up of activity in the Scottish property market 100 Wealth management: Frank Shennan on why you should think carefully if a key manager leaves a fund you are invested in 102 Appointments: Who's on the move?
Loved ones of Sarah Golder, from Wallsend, are becomingly increasingly concerned about her welfare, say police.
I'm more than a little concerned about allegedly hotshot young reporter Olly Stevens, who appears to have morphed from endearingly enthusiastic and decent young man into someone who is becomingly increasingly immature, precocious and arrogant.
92) Not only was it unclear why these "tin cans" (93) had been there in the first place, but it was also becomingly evident that such positions were deeply problematic for their "totalizing" view of law's discursive origins.
Gross' wife, Judy, said in a recent interview that her husband was becomingly increasingly despondent.
With engineering skills becomingly an increasingly scarce resource it is important that an engineer's time is spent on core tasks.
But they are, sadly, becomingly increasingly adept at handling these incidents after their initial, clumsy and crass reaction to the allegations of racial slurs made against Patrice Evra.
True, no one is commanded to distribute to others that which is required for his own needs and those of his household; nor even to give away what is reasonably required to keep up becomingly his condition in life, "for no one ought to live other than becomingly.
Redknapp, 67 next month, has told pals that he will review his future in the summer after becomingly increasingly troubled by pain in his right knee.