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But I have seen some great Celtic League games and don't let anyone fool you the Zurich Premiership is a bed of roses.
But several cite serious issues facing the demolition and recycling industries--including regulatory problems, waste franchises, insurance costs and something as simple as utility disconnections--that mean all is not a bed of roses.
For those who do stay, doing their life's work in long-term care will be no bed of roses.
Tipyn o Stad: Life is far from being a bed of roses on the Maes Menai estate.
and begin discovering that life at the top isn't always a bed of roses.
According to Karen Goodfriend, a partner with Goldstein Enright Financial Advisers in Palo Alto and CalCPA Personal Financial Planning Committee chair, life is not necessarily a bed of roses at the top: "For those professionals who are truly committed to providing financial planning services, it can be professionally and financially very rewarding--yet also very difficult.
A salesman's life at best is not a bed of roses, and the very fact that he has courage to get out and seek to sell the goods or services of his employer should raise him in the eyes of the person with whom he seeks an interview.
But Chellas is the first to admit that studying at the Centre isn't all a bed of roses.
New Line Home Video is kicking off its Valentine promotion by offering its direct-to-sell-through title Bed of Roses for $14.
We're on target right now, but it is not a bed of roses," Bourque admits.
She also said that to rule the country is not a bed of roses, PPP also face the huge challenges in its tenure like Sawat Operation, 18 and 19 amendment of constitution, Tahir ul Qadri protest and sit-in at Islamabad, corruption charges and much more but Asif Ali Zardari never opt the confrontation tool against democratic powers.
Below, life for miners in the early 20th Century wasn't always a bed of roses on the home front - or at the coal seam