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Irrfan Khan will play the lead in No Bed of Roses -- to be helmed by Bangladesh's acclaimed Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.
How can I admit it's not a bed of roses after I'd tried for a baby for so long?
It's not always a bed of roses, which probably most people may think.
Of course, being gay in a Catholic country isn't a bed of roses either.
Corrie bosses would not divulge any details of what sparks the separation, but fans of the Weatherfield soap know that the marriage has not always been a bed of roses.
Their story is a reminder that even in so-called "peacetime" the life of a soldier is no bed of roses.
LIFE is a bed of roses for Bluebirds fans gearing up for the big match - blue roses, in fact.
For those who do stay, doing their life's work in long-term care will be no bed of roses.
Tipyn o Stad: Life is far from being a bed of roses on the Maes Menai estate.
and begin discovering that life at the top isn't always a bed of roses.
According to Karen Goodfriend, a partner with Goldstein Enright Financial Advisers in Palo Alto and CalCPA Personal Financial Planning Committee chair, life is not necessarily a bed of roses at the top: "For those professionals who are truly committed to providing financial planning services, it can be professionally and financially very rewarding--yet also very difficult.