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The aim should be to achieve 'casual elegance' - layer up bedding and accessories for an effortless look that doesn't try too hard.
Diane Piemonte, vice president of creative services at Revman International, said her company offers a standard eight-piece bedding set as a starting point, but if a customer wants to create an expanded "package" when they purchase a style, then they work with them to create product that fits their needs.
Apparel/accessories, beds, bedding, furniture, imprinted items, promotional, items/novelties
The infants' usual sleeping surface and bedding, and visited the homes of 32 of the infants to examine bedding and measure the potential of that bedding to cause rebreathing of respired [CO.sub.2].
Bed treatments consisted of encasement of pillows, box springs, and mattresses with HDM allergen-impermeable covers (Allergy Control Products, Ridgefield, CT) in conjunction with either professional or in-home laundering of all nonencased bedding materials.
What could be more pure than bedding made from a natural product, with no artificial fibers?
IKEA stores also have multi-purpose beds including the Tynset day bed with hinge-up top to enable you to stash all the bedding away during the day.
ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE WE spend a third of our lives sleeping and as March is National Bed Month it's the perfect time to guarantee you're getting enough rest by investing in a new bed, mattress and bedding. With so many different factors to take into consideration choosing the right bed can seem a daunting task so take a look at our top tips to guarantee a good night's sleep.