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Channel 4 made a much-trumpeted documentary on the area and renamed it Immigration Street, so I was glued to the telly on Tuesday night to see what had become of the notorious, rosy lamp, red nylon curtain bedecked no-go area.
I still miss that little tree and though its replacement will have to go in a different spot, we'll be able to look down from the bedroom on its spreading branches bedecked with their white blossom.
ST Laurence's Church in Ansley will be bedecked with Christmas Trees as their eighth festive festival gets underway.
A large number of art lovers attended the ceremony at the gallery which was bedecked with her painting.
In a hotel bedecked in gold and dubbed the world's most luxurious, it seems only befitting that guests get to log on in luxury - using 24-carat gold iPads.
The sight of a nearpensioner prince bedecked in awards of lineage, not lionheartedness, sticks in my republican craw.
A deep blue from the August sky and impotent clouds paint the water which shines as if bedecked with jewels where herons are also part of the show as the swans gracefully glide, white as snow.
As both sets of fans were Spanish, they didn't choose teams and just bedecked their pubs with Spanish flags.
Camellia Festival of Temple City: featuring camellia bedecked floats, marching bands, games, arts and crafts, food and more.
When the crowd parted, there stood a majestically bedecked figure in African garb Bernice Johnson Reagon, founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock, an all-African-American, female a cappella group that has endured for 30 years.
Bedecked in the black and gold of Wolves, 'Gazza' looked a mere shadow of the national hero who dismantled Scotland at Wembley in the 1996 European Championship (right).
Just look at pictures of the old court ballets and masques and you will see performers burdened with costumes, bedecked with plumes, bedizened with fripperies.