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The artistically bedecked dais made the stories more realistic and effective.
Look who turns up on ITV's Big Soap Quiz this festive season, bedecked in her signature leopard print.
This season, retail and office buildings in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) are bedecked with glistening red ribbons, transforming them into larger-than-life Christmas presents, while the main avenue lampposts and BGC buses are adorned with bows.
See the Hall bedecked for yuletide, warm yourself in front of a roaring fire and join costumed characters celebrating this special time of the year.
He added that his company would like to present the tower as a "gift to the city before 2020." The new structure will be bedecked with rotating balconies and elevated landscaping inspired by the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon.
Its threelions bedecked cover, in my local mini-mart in Llandaff, has the headline, "Come On England".
It is time to stop putting members of the royal family into the armed forces, because even in peace-time they end up wearing scarlet jackets bedecked with medals they have never earned.
Public and private schools competed in the parade in which teams of students bedecked school buses with colourful decorations that tell the story of Sharjah's rich culture and history.
The crowded, makeshift, lawless swamp Boo captured in her nonfiction novel "Behind the Beautiful Forevers" looks positively idyllic in Rufus Norris' staging: sun-soaked, colorful and even, on occasion, bedecked with fairy lights.
I still miss that little tree and though its replacement will have to go in a different spot, we'll be able to look down from the bedroom on its spreading branches bedecked with their white blossom.