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Its threelions bedecked cover, in my local mini-mart in Llandaff, has the headline, "Come On England".
It is time to stop putting members of the royal family into the armed forces, because even in peace-time they end up wearing scarlet jackets bedecked with medals they have never earned.
Public and private schools competed in the parade in which teams of students bedecked school buses with colourful decorations that tell the story of Sharjah's rich culture and history.
The crowded, makeshift, lawless swamp Boo captured in her nonfiction novel "Behind the Beautiful Forevers" looks positively idyllic in Rufus Norris' staging: sun-soaked, colorful and even, on occasion, bedecked with fairy lights.
I still miss that little tree and though its replacement will have to go in a different spot, we'll be able to look down from the bedroom on its spreading branches bedecked with their white blossom.
ST Laurence's Church in Ansley will be bedecked with Christmas Trees as their eighth festive festival gets underway.
A large number of art lovers attended the ceremony at the gallery which was bedecked with her painting.
She was wearing a bright green princess dress, bedecked with pink daffodils and sequins.
In a hotel bedecked in gold and dubbed the world's most luxurious, it seems only befitting that guests get to log on in luxury - using 24-carat gold iPads.
A deep blue from the August sky and impotent clouds paint the water which shines as if bedecked with jewels where herons are also part of the show as the swans gracefully glide, white as snow.
The bed and breakfast's nine bedrooms, four parlors and dining room are all lavishly bedecked as they would have been years ago.
95, 30 April 2010 See Spalding's breathtaking flower bedecked floats on static display, enjoy marching bands, a host of entertainment and much more