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Several hundred bedevil crops from potatoes to papayas, but plum pox is the only one known to attack stone fruits.
Nonetheless, convincing the people now clearing minefields to take up a technique "that frankly sounds a little farfetched" may bedevil the project, says Col.
GLENDALE - Officials broke ground Thursday on the $8 million Brand Boulevard rehabilitation project - the largest road project in the city's history - expected to bedevil drivers on already congested downtown streets through November.
Similar problems sometimes bedevil the mixing of ingredients, whether solid or liquid, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Much of this has to do with the exposition problems that bedevil such comic-book-based ventures - how did our superhero get his powers and what dark secrets lurk in his past?
The MailWatch system also helps to eliminate SPAM mail and large AVI files, all of which can bedevil and can cause more than their share of problems in any company's network system.
Fundamentally, there are two separate but related problems that bedevil the LAUSD.
Inadequate long-haul aviation service continues to bedevil the city, as does the absence of high-rolling Asian gamblers and the addition of massive new room supply, which totals more than 18,800 rooms post-Bellagio.
Unlike old-style "utility" software, CyberMedia's artificial intelligence-based self-help software operates automatically - with no technical skill required of users - to resolve the hardware and software conflicts that bedevil PC users and bleed vendors of billions of dollars in support costs.
Opposition Infighting and Fragmentation Bedevils Syria It seems some of the oppostion groups are cannibalizing the cause as they infight and attack each other rather than Assad regime forces.
This species bedevils tomato growers in California, where it costs them an estimated $4 million a year in reduced yields.
Attention Deficit Disorder, which bedevils our schoolrooms, is primarily difficulty in concentrating.