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How should one not be surprised that Sudan has been bedeviled with postcolonial military and undemocratic regimes when the imperial British arrived and stayed by military force to dictate their colonial policies or economic exploitation of Sudanese resources?
Often, she says, periods of "no taste" have bedeviled the Catholic Church.
Hint: With these programs doing the hard work, users are not bedeviled by a host of arcane steps every time they want to print or e-mail a document.
Every one of the nonsexual scandals that bedeviled his presidency was her fault.
A 2,000-year-old Christian identity movement still bedeviled by radical feminism?
I am triplegic (T4 right, C6 left) and have been bedeviled by this mouthful for 20 years.
A final policy barrier to wider use of remote monitoring is the question of state jurisdiction--a question that has bedeviled the purveyors of online therapies.
bedeviled by fractious political elements in Iraq, wants the UN to help bail it out of messy plans to turn over the government to Iraqis by July 1.
In a situation that is increasingly common, the industry groups find themselves bedeviled by competing standards.
This cliffside stretch has bedeviled masters of industry and commerce, as well as heads of state.
One of the reasons Bill Clinton so charmed his friends and bedeviled his enemies was that, as a Southern Baptist, he understood the power of words and language and was far more exciting and interesting and compelling than--to take a name out of the air--Bob Dole.
that have bedeviled the scholarship on Valla; Camporeale revisits the controversy between Poggio and Valla regarding the latter's philological enterprises, but he enriches it with an illuminating assessment of Erasmus' defense of Valla's philological method; and Mariani Zini studies the originality of Valla's ontology, especially his notion of the res.