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(45.) Boyer and Nissenbaum, eds., Salem Witchcraft Papers, III, 73.3-37; Roach, Salem Witch Trials, 123-25; Swan, "Bedevilment of Cape Anne (1692)," 154-59.
Once they free the prince the spell under which he has been captive for so long breaks and he utters the name of Narnia, which he had first denied when he was still under the "bedevilments" (SC 168) (with an emphasis on "devil," discussed below) of the Green Witch.
Whatever its limitations (and these, we have indicated, were substantial), the 'Tovetura' standard by which politicians were found so frequently wanting was the primary one through which local interests could be asserted (sometimes to the bedevilment of multi-national corporations who thought 'the deal was done').
Imputation for financial services.--Measuring the product of banking has been a continuing source of bedevilment to economic accountants.
Nevertheless, as he freely avails himself to that constellation of otherness -- audience, wife, spirit, animal, vegetation, the earth itself -- he recoils in uncertainty and distrust, as if always fearing bedevilment by the forces that originally succored him.
But that feeling of bedevilment sank in, and when I hunkered down in my place that night, ready for the storm, I was still thinking of the ceremony.
(15) Similarly, Richard Giannone endorses the model of intoxication as bedevilment: 'Although Tarwater embraces the stupor as pleasing to his will, O'Connor shows the slothful pleasure to be the result of a disgusting infiltration'.
The other great bedevilment lurking among those who attempt the thankless task of trying to aid children in feral households, is that they are ordered "not to be judgmental".
Among these, Peter Guralnick's 1998 Searching for Robert Johnson leaves intact the myth of Johnson's bedevilment. Robert Johnson: Lost and Found, by Barry Lee Pearson and Bill McCulloch (2003), makes a polemical effort to debunk the bedevilment myth.
From his black-suit-and-tie uniform to his hat and glasses and constant bedevilment, Hanks reminds pleasantly of Jack Lemmon at times in his resourceful and energetic turn as the long arm of the law.
repeatedly against the Magdalene's bedevilment. The Virgin was the
"I don't know if people were doing this for bedevilment but they need to realise how dangerous it could have been.