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"The resignations at the IEBC are a symptom of an incurable cancerous disease that bedevils the commission.
"We didn't have vertical drinking followed by horizontal activity which bedevils communities on Friday and Saturday nights."
Yesterday's big-ticket, ERP systems were suppose to eliminate these incompatibility problems, but a lack of standards still bedevils most firms.
It helps overcome the schizophrenia which bedevils generational relationships.
The battle to bring the waiting lists under control is a problem that bedevils the UK-wide NHS.
Economic and political forces create the complexity that bedevils our tax law.
He takes the opportunity to interrogate this rich body of evidence, using an agenda which derives from the controversies over the roots and significance of suicide from Durkheim onwards, and to test ideas against a coherent collection of cases which were presided over by a dynasty of coroners, under circumstances which minimised the problem of contrasting and changing administrative practices which bedevils attempts to derive statistical series across different and changing jurisdictions.
He does raise a question that bedevils progressives around the world: What's the alternative?