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Just providing those places will be a huge boost against the scourge of ignorance which still bedevils this country.
Record retention bedevils many businesses because they must maintain sufficient records to substantiate virtually every item reported on tax and information returns.
For instance, the municipality has done up the main street and abolished the nightmarish tangle of aerial wires that bedevils the sky-line of most Japanese rural settlements; now there is positive discussion about renewal of the commercial area, when a few years ago resignation and despair reigned in civic consciousness.
We see less what these people might hope to present to the world than what it is about them that amuses, bedevils, or fascinates the artist, and what they themselves might wish to hide.
As Yehudi Webster, a sociologist quoted in a recent New Yorker article on race, put it: "It is not 'race' but a practice of racial classification that bedevils the society.
And the fact that our first project together solved a customer problem that bedevils virtually every business is testimony to the potential of this partnership.
Transgenic versions of a mosquito species that bedevils India are only 20 percent as likely to transmit a mouse version of the disease as the untransformed mosquitoes are, says Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.