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The air-rifle competition was the first to be used in the Bedfast program, and plans are being developed to incorporate other activities.
Even though the respondent was bedfast or unable to communicate well, if an older person lived in a child's household she remained well-connected, as Ms Cornwall's story reveals.
This observation is paralleled by the finding that bedfast residents are more often incontinent, although this association fails to reach statistical significance in Sweden.
5] The major rationale for their categories--which range from bedfast patients with metastatic cancer, to patients with dementia requiring longterm care, to patients with coma lasting longer than forty-eight hours--is cost control.
The only statistically significant impact of GH improving overall quality was for the bedfast measure.
Bob not only delivered newspapers on his rounds, very often lighting fires, running extra errands and making tea for bedfast residents; usually elderly people who made no other contact during the day.
When John Funder arrives in town as a caretaker of his bedfast grandmother, everyone notices him, including Bran, a young blond man, who recognizes John as the gay movie star, Johnny Thunder.
She lived two more years and over that time had a gradual decline in her functional status and memory, eventually becoming bedfast and requiring nursing home care before she died.
If the patient is bedfast, ultra-absorbent pads or a fecal incontinence collector should be considered.
She was bedfast, looked as though she was dying, hardly able to take notice of her companion, visitors or her doctor.
5 7 6 Improved from usually being bedfast to being up and functioning.
Green House Findings: For individuals residing Adoption and in GH homes, adoption Nursing Home lowered readmissions and the Quality MDS measures of poor quality (Afendulis related to bedfast residents, et al.