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It is conspicuous throughout this idyll how bedizened materiality is naturally and readily associated with the effeminate and the uxorious.
ban abundantly available to the reader--Book III is more bedizened with
Thus reality bedizened in the warring colors of a dream parades through these arcades ornate with music and the sea.
Its curvaceous foliage, bedizened with wavy chevrons of gold, burgundy and green, lights up the landscape.
Just look at pictures of the old court ballets and masques and you will see performers burdened with costumes, bedecked with plumes, bedizened with fripperies.
Such as you see me here, bedecked and bedizened, I am a penniless, homeless, friendless creature
You of course were wearing your personal uniform, bedizened with the merit badges of mosquitoes, guns, islands, seals and whores.
Closets become echoing clean rooms, dead factories become exploding quarries, and quarries become old battlegrounds bedizened with toxic, fetus-wrecking spews of depleted uranium shells, which saw lavish use in Iraq and Kosovo.