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It is conspicuous throughout this idyll how bedizened materiality is naturally and readily associated with the effeminate and the uxorious.
Just look at pictures of the old court ballets and masques and you will see performers burdened with costumes, bedecked with plumes, bedizened with fripperies.
Shallow, egotistic, incapable of love; painted, bedizened, affected; hysteric, paranoiac, mad; ambitious, mercenary, tyrannical; maneater, drug addict, mesmerist; illiterate, illogical, uncultured, plagiarist: these are only a few of the accusations that were aimed at Mary Baker Eddy during her life and afterward.
Once fairly kicked off from your lofty, bedizened stilts, you win be reduced to your just level & true standard.(1)
Such as you see me here, bedecked and bedizened, I am a penniless, homeless, friendless creature!
Gerald considers the more appalling aspects of Irish sex and gender in Book Two, sequentially documenting: a lady bedizened with a beard and a mane of bristles who frequents the Royal Court of Limerick (II.xx); a vertically-gendered hermaphrodite encountered in Connacht (II.xx); a creature sighted in Wicklow displaying the limbs of an ox sprouting from a human body (II.xxi); and a monstrosity known to inhabit the hills of Glendalough (II.xxi).
His earliest novel, Their Wedding Journey, contained the incident involving "a thin, shrill-voiced, highly dressed, much bedizened Jewess." While that description is decidedly and stereotypically pejorative, the description of her opponents in a confrontation over a seat in a railroad car is much more unsympathetic: "a fat, greedy, old woman ...
They have treated, as a government capable of negotiation, a bedizened ragtag and bobtail....
She deceives herself about the initiative a slave is allowed under the absolute rule of the master, and is made to go bedizened with the supererogatory proof of what her troping was trying to hide.
You see a multitude of hotels and taverns and stores, glaring with white paint, bedizened with placards and advertisements, and decorated by groups of those gentlemen who flourish most rankly on the soil of New York and in the vicinage of hotels; who carry their hands in their pockets, wear their hats always and every way, and, although of a stationary habit, yet spurn the earth with their heels.
Closets become echoing clean rooms, dead factories become exploding quarries, and quarries become old battlegrounds bedizened with toxic, fetus-wrecking spews of depleted uranium shells, which saw lavish use in Iraq and Kosovo.
Bair's narrative framework is bedizened with details so profuse that they tend to meld and blur.