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At last, when he was almost out of breath, she suddenly threw herself down upon a mossy bank, between two holly-bushes, and looked ruefully at her own dripping feet and bedraggled skirt.
So saying, with downcast lids and a dignity which was somewhat marred by her bedraggled skirt, she swept off down the muddy track, leaving Alleyne standing staring ruefully after her.
As the horse fell, with a terrible lunge, tripped by the stout rope, Bertrade de Montfort was thrown far before him, where she lay, a little, limp bedraggled figure, in the mud of the road.
A few yards from the end the soil was all ploughed up into a patch of mud, and the branches and ferns which fringed the chasm were torn and bedraggled.
It was wonderful the way these children would work up their compassion for that bedraggled thing I wouldn't have touched with a pair of tongs.
A wet and bedraggled creature, a sort of sexless and shivering scarecrow, washed glasses in there, bending over a wooden tub by the light of a tallow dip.
The building was in bedraggled condition before it finally crumbled.
His sheep trudge out looking bedraggled but are unharmed.
Oh, yes, I've got my Hunter wellies and my cagoule on standby, my hair is fashioned in a style that can only be described as bedraggled chic and I've learned the words to every song ever sung by an obscure indie band so that I'll be totally down with the kids.
A superb three-pointer saw the Lithuanian Brothers lead dwindle even further as Halewood increased the pressure on their increasingly bedraggled opponents.
45am Persian Belles: Bellydance Wales' hip swivelling Middle Eastern dancers 12pm Kitsch n Sync: Bedraggled - trio of hilarious and somewhat fishy chav mermaids 12.
Saving | you endless hours getting bedraggled in badly lit changing rooms, Swimwear 365 allows you to surf its wares from the comfort of your own sofa and sells bikinis and swimsuits all year round (the clue's in the title).