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tend me this bedridden fellow since he must needs be tended, whilst these knaves use their weapons.
The acting icon, celebrated for her portrayals in Lino Brocka masterpieces like 'Insiang' and 'Cain at Abel,' has been bedridden since 2016.
Balangir (Odisha) [India], July 7 (ANI): In a shocking incident, a man set on fire his bedridden mother in Radabahala village in Odisha's Balangir district on Saturday after a fight with his father, police said.
A bedridden Bangladeshi who was struggling to raise funds for a flight ticket back home has found saviour among a group of expatriates including Towell Auto Centre employees.
by Khalid Orabi/Hospital officials confirmed that the patient passed away from natural causes after being bedridden for nearly 25 years.
Contract notice: Supply of wipes hygiene patient bedridden
It would be recalled that Adejumo had been bedridden for months before his final demise Sunday night.
Carrie Beckwith-Fellows, 37, was faced with having to spend the rest of her life bedridden due to the rare condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
Two days ago Carrie Beckwith-Fellows was facing the heartbreaking prospect of cancelling surgery that would stop her from spending the rest of her life bedridden.
Shahidan was reported by The Star daily to have suffered a minor stroke last week that affected his mobility though he is not bedridden.
G.M Mir, the close associate of veteran founder leaders of Kashmir freedom struggle Maqbool Butt (Shaheed) and late Abdul Khaliq Ansari, is presently settled in Abbotabad for past many years after having been bedridden since long.
"We treat those who are bedridden, terminally ill and cerebrovascular accident patients," Al-Ghamdi, who is also a family physician consultant, told Arab News on Thursday.