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They followed, and I stepped at once out of the box-door into my bedroom, where only Steerforth was with me, helping me to undress, and where I was by turns telling him that Agnes was my sister, and adjuring him to bring the corkscrew, that I might open another bottle of wine.
Tod fetched a large heavy pailful of water from the spring, and staggered with it through the kitchen into his bedroom.
It would be his bedroom they would attack, and they must reach it by the back staircase, or by the window in the dressing-room.
I had wandered back into the bedroom in a paroxysm of excitement and suspense.
I don't know whether you observed my bedroom window?
Anna Mikhaylovna, stooping, quickly caught up the object of contention and ran into the bedroom.
I daresay,' says my sister; 'but after you paid him the money I heard you in the little bedroom press.
As for our rooms, I admit they are hall bedrooms, and mine does look out on the back yard.
When night came, he gave his comfortable and beautiful bedroom another trial.
That room had only two doors, of which one was locked; the other led into a bedroom, from which there was no exit.
The door between the bedroom and this study was locked, and the key was taken out.
The bedroom door had hardly been closed a minute before there was a tap at it.