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Tod's proceedings were peculiar, and rather uneasy, (because the bed was between the window and the door of the bedroom).
Tod fetched a large heavy pailful of water from the spring, and staggered with it through the kitchen into his bedroom.
It would be his bedroom they would attack, and they must reach it by the back staircase, or by the window in the dressing-room.
When he drew near to the bedroom door, Monte Cristo expected that he was coming in, and raised one of his pistols; but he simply heard the sound of the bolts sliding in their copper rings.
She opened the bedroom door, and led the way back into the sitting-room.
Go into t he bedroom. It's just possible Lady Lundie may have come for me herself."
The man might have effected his entrance there, left traces as he passed through the bedroom, and finally, finding the door open, have escaped that way."
Soames's back was turned, you released the man who was hiding in that bedroom."
He opened the door widely enough for her to see into the bedroom, and to notice that nobody was with Mrs.
These he ordered to take the trunk to his bedroom. In that room he then sat on into the night, without pausing even to take any food.
"But, my dear princess," answered Anna Mikhaylovna blandly but impressively, blocking the way to the bedroom and preventing the other from passing, "won't this be too much for poor Uncle at a moment when he needs repose?
"What are you doing in my bedroom?" cried the King.