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All the while, the father continues to announce the number of minutes until bedtime.
Cut down or completely eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and refrain from drinking these beverages less than three hours before your bedtime.
When a child had been chosen and left the orphanage, the staff at bedtime would say to the children, "Let us be glad for (the child's name) tonight.
Exercise regularly, but not within three hours of bedtime.
Agnes Hospital's Center for MS in White Plains, New York, helps people create consistent bedtime routines that set the stage for falling and staying asleep.
Let her know that bedtime is approaching and she will need to finish the project she is working on or game she is playing.
The beautifully- illustrated First Young Puffin Book of Bedtime Stories is a wonderful compilation of tales that will delight every child.
A report aired by a private news channel said, as the childhood tradition of a bedtime story is in serious peril, parents are not making the time to read to their children at the end of the working day and stop reading to them at too young an age.
This new bedtime study is the first to use data on obesity collected about a decade after the children were in preschool.
Research on the bedtime routines of young children suggests that such experiences can provide literacy enhancing benefits.
For parents, this reinforces the importance of establishing a bedtime routine," said Sarah Anderson, lead author and associate professor of epidemiology.
All this jungle nightlife was fascinating, but what made the nights even more alive were my mother's bedtime stories.