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The 31-year-old is in Delhi as captain of Wales yet has been beset by both a back problem that has lingered from the Beijing Olympics and a lack of funding from the British governing authority.
Since then he has been beset by knee problems and underwent further surgery last September after taking 42 first-class wickets in his debut season at New Road.
Boldmere and New Oscott residents have been beset by a wide range of issues - the scandal of the derelict Fosseway tower block continues to overshadow the area and there are weeds everywhere," he said.
Since announcing plans to have the "Ghost Fleet" scrapped, MARAD has been beset by opposition from environmentalists claiming that transporting the vessels violates environmental regulations, as they say the vessels contain significant amounts of hazardous materials, including PCBs.
Somalia has been beset by chaos and violence, with no central government since 1991.
On its way to America, though, ``Pinocchio'' has been beset with problems that would confound even the Blue Fairy.

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