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Through BEEP, we have the opportunity to reduce commercial real estate's energy usage by as much as 30 percent, which is the equivalent of removing 120 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from the air--that's equal to 12 millions cars taken off the roads
With one beep card, you can now embark on all Citylink buses and light rail transit routes.
According to AFPI CEO Peter Maher, the Beep Cards can be purchased at R100, with R80 load.
Some of the children dressed up as firemen and policemen, while others wore special Beep Beep Day T-shirts, which urged drivers to slow down.
To date, thousands of participants at hundreds of sites have benefited from the BEEP seminars.
But it's no fun if YOU don't visit to have a great sing along with lots of chances of participation with Beep and his bus band: Trombone, Bass, Drum and Saxophone.
We are delighted that rail commuters in Metro Manila have taken so readily to the new beep card.
According to LRT Authority Administrator Honorito Chaneco, "the Beep Cards can only be bought at Legarda Station but holders of stored-value Beep Cards can enter or exit anywhere in the line.
SAFETY DAY: The Beep Beep Day at Quarmby Lodge, Quarmby (PW061008Asafety)
Toddlers from Elmfield Nursery in Gosforth are teaming up with road safety charity Brake to run the event, called Beep Beep
Additionally, Eloro has mandated Explorateur - Innovateur (''EX-IN''), a Quebec city based geophysical contracting firm, to compile all historical geophysical surveys (airborne mag and EM) in order to target anomalous areas for ground follow-up using the EX-IN Group's Beep Mat technology.
BEEP CARDS did not live up to their promise of eliminating long lines at Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Line 3 early Monday when most passengers used them for the first time.