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History has proved that the Hindu community comprises of upright citizens and the provincial government will not let any injustice befall them,' the chief minister vowed.
Solomon is caught in the crossfire and seeks respite in the company of abolitionist Bass (Brad Pitt), who believes "slavery is an evil that should befall none".
What evolves is nothing less than a struggle for world-wide survival and what befalls the two who fight for their lives and kingdom will eventually befall everything.
NNA- "Whatever ills befall Asad's Syria, tend to befall Lebanon too", Syrian ambassador Ali Ali told newsmen, as he emerged out of a meeting with care-taker Foreign minister Adnan Mansour at Villa Bustros today.
Coun Ernest said: "South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is a high performing organisation that helps thousands of members of the public every day when exposed to the risks and dangers that befall many of us during our lives.
Rather than urging us to wrap our children in cotton wool and never let them out of our gaze lest some mishap befall them, RoSPA is advocating what many sensible people have, for a long time, been desperately trying to say above the din of the PC crowd - let our children be children.
Like the uncontrollable funeral giggles that befall the book's protagonist during her fathers burial, Jokes and the Unconscious straddles that all-too-thin line between life's humor and its horrors.
Two hundred and sixty-five men were killed in one of the worst accidents ever to befall the industry
If the system works well on the whole, it is a lucky accident--the luckiest, indeed, that can befall a society.
They argue that the cost of proactively implementing those practices will be much less expensive than the litigation, regulatory penalties, loss of consumer confidence and trust, damaged reputation, and loss of market share that will likely befall businesses that tail to appreciate the importance of safeguarding personal information and that do not modify their business practices to achieve privacy compliance.
Experts had predicted such a fate would befall the 700-ton, 40foot-high stone profile as part of the natural cycle of freezing and thawing.