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Laid low initially by difficulties in borrowing money, its problems might seem small by comparison to those that have befallen other banks.
He didn't explain what fate had befallen Bush, who retired last month to his ranch after completing two terms as president.
But after the fiasco which has befallen the ill-fated West Bromwich art gallery The Public, it is doubtful we will ever want it to be pink.
For the first time, a native had articulated the combined sense of powerlessness and anger I was feeling by describing the events that had befallen my hometown as a kind of spiritual assault.
George Copway first published his life story in 1847 and it reverberates with the tension of a man proud of his Ojibway heritage and anxious to spread the gospel of Christianity to his own people, a man who strove to explain his traditions to white Americans even as he blamed them for the ills that had befallen his people.
They were also "very understanding" when informed of cuts in grants early in the year due to financial problems that have befallen the national church following reduced donations due to debates on the issues of same-sex blessings and payments to the residential schools settlement fund.
It is this lack of previous experience that has caused or contributed to the most famous problems that have befallen modern Olympic games, from lost bus drivers in Sydney to the failure to prevent a terrorist bombing in Atlanta.
Your report regarding the level of inflation in Zimbabwe (Business Briefs, African Business January 2004) was accurate, but perhaps told only part of the story of the tragedy that has befallen many innocent Zimbabweans.
Yang's Internationally praised first feature film, An Estranged Paradise (2002), tells the story of Zhuzi, a young intellectual befallen by a strange illness, a restlessness that arrives with the rainy season and disappears with its end.
Front Royal, Virginia--A tragedy has befallen the biggest pro-life organization in the world.
So terrible things have befallen the former Soviet Union.