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Even today, with modern efficacious treatments for schizophrenia, we face troubling questions about how much they befog the mind and how much they harm the brain.
I found that the politicians knew how to befog every issue, how to control public opinion and manipulate votes to their own advantage and to that of their financial and industrial allies.
For the moment, after the signing of the Charter and adoption of the Universal Declaration, New Zealand could take justifiable pride in befog a major leader in the global movement for human rights -- a role not generally known and certainly not fully appreciated.
Such hybrids as semi-presidentialism or alternating spasms of presidentialism and parliamentarism serve only to befog the mind.
The ill-humoured fun the text has with him here--a brief parody of the world of Ivanhoe that Mark Twain perhaps missed--should not obscure the clear indications that in some sense the identification is quite real, both for Heyward himself and for the broader social pattern befog developed.
That their class may have been a function of their gender goes without saying, but too many megatheoretical issues befog some cultural/social analyses of the practitioners (not victims, if choice was involved).
dispel some of the clouds of ignorance, prejudice, shame, and hypocrisy that befog the public discussion of sex in America generally and in the American legal system in particular.
(|Earlier' here has to be interpreted in the knowledge that op.5 includes some movements that were composed at the same period as some from op.2: attempts to grapple with the complex history of the musical origins of op.5 befog the liner notes for the non-CRD recordings.) I rashly described L'Ecole's performance of op.5 as |definitive' in a previous review, and I have to admit that London Baroque run them hard in competition.
general in NATO, is a terrorist defender and there is nothing to befog here, to explore in depth, to mince words with any kind of professional defense.
These, of course, take an inordinate part of the lawyer's time; they harass and befog the unhappy wretch and at times nearly drive him from the particular workplace where the work must be done.
Indeed, the first chapter suggests for Foucault an importance that the rest of the text does not fulfill, the use of Foucault throughout befog rather pedestrian.
They are certain to befog its issues with deplorable ignorance, certain to distort them with partisan interests of political parties, personal candidacies, business interests and pressure groups....