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Accordingly, she pointed out that "the medium through which this unique and intensely dramatic gift might be offered has been so befogged and misted by popular preconception that the great gift, though divined, is as yet not clearly seen" (161).
Unlike last year's duets--Petit's Bolero and a sultry, sexy piece by William Tuckett, to music of Louis Armstrong--this year's program lacked the sizzle and sensuality needed to spark off the partnership and, all too often, the choreographic cloud canopy befogged the sparkle of our stargazing.
Americans were less engaged with their communities, he suggested, because they were befogged by TV.
Perhaps this statement is meant as something any rational, clear-eyed person (that is, one whose mind is not befogged by "metaphysics") would immediately accept, or perhaps the author merely considers it plain, sturdy common sense.
The case study has the ability to rescue political science, and much of history, from the dreary quantification and abstraction that have befogged it.
Increasing resistance to drugs of bacteria together with the limited number of new antibiotics being approved has befogged future outlook for the healthcare market.
Within this culture, purportedly the land of opportunity and universal happiness, father and son encounter their own images in the mirror of American society: a homeless, transient father and daughter living out of an automobile; a succession of middle-class, professional types befogged by their own "success" and insincerity; a black truck driver searching without a clue for the "right place" to buy a house.
There were the crowned clowns, the tribal upstarts, the "genuine socialists," the befogged persons.
Informed on his wedding day that Sawako's suicide attempt has rendered her mad, he busts his true love out of the institution and ends up wandering aimlessly about Japan, tied to his befogged lady by a red cord.
Now, I realize that games must have rules and that anyone not familiar with the Japanese cartoon and card game phenomenon of Yu-Gi-Oh - on which the film is based - may be left utterly befogged if the rules aren't explained.
Lead singer Jo Cohen gets both wicked wit and heart-palpitating anguish into her tales of befogged romance, made all the more blood-curdling by Cherilyn DiMond's razor-blade harmonizing.
Their minds are befogged by a vicious and unreasoning hatred of President Bush.