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10 (ANI); Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitely today said that Pakistan is trying to befool the world community by living in a world of denial.
Sherpao said that the PTI was under political pressure and was trying to befool the people.
Certain sects are involved behind these protests and they are trying to befool people, he said.
Urging the people to stay away from the sham elections in the territory, the veteran Hurriyet leader said that the elections were being managed under the shadow of gun and trying to befool the international community.
The fact is that they fill up their coffers and befool people," he said adding should try to find out reasons why these separatist leaders are not ready to share the same dais.
He said Imran Khan daily lies from his Container to befool the public by levelling baseless allegations on leadership of political parties.
India is trying to befool the world community that the situation is going for better.
He said the people especially youth are ready to bring a change in the country and no opportunist can befool the people.