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Common people were left in lurch and Nation as befooled by creating issues such as Malala drama, Memogate issue, Musharraf trial, dialogue with Taliban, extension in ceasefire, Sikandar drama in Islamabad, Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gillani, and Raja Pervez appearances in courts.
ISLAMABAD -- Information Minister has said PTI chief Imran Khan is taking Uturns and telling lies, but the people cannot befooled by his tall claims.
He added that the PPP-led government has befooled the people with hollow slogans which have nothing to do with reality.
People could not be befooled through wrong statements, he stated.
The tubewell has gone dysfunctional since the last 22 days and every day the inmates are befooled in the name of repair work.
Abdul Rahim Afridi said that the people of tribal areas could not be allured and befooled by the certain political parties while submitting their dissident notes.
He added that PPP during 2011 had also proclaimed to employ Interpol for Musharraf return in Pakistan but the ruling elite should realized the fact that no one couldn't be befooled for a long-time.
It is only for this reason that Service had to develop a transparent and stringent recruitment process right from the very start and it has repeatedly issued warnings in all its advertisements so that the applicants are not befooled by such criminals, the spokesman added.
He also paid tribute to the wisdom of the people and said the masses could not be befooled by false claims or lame excuses as people were well aware of the realities and facts and people also well identified those who committed injustices to their nation.