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He said a few ministers of Sindh government are befooling the growers that their issues would be resolved soon; however, this is just a pack of lies.
Filing fake documents in Supreme Court and impeding the way to justice by dint of these forged documents and befooling the people are the crimes of Sharif family.
The Tehsildar warned that anyone found in befooling the new students within our outside the college premises would be face heavy fine, besides being sent to lock-up.
Imran Khan is misguiding the youth and befooling the people," he added.
He reminded that his party given NFC award, Pak-Iran gas pipeline projects, provincial autonomy, CPEC, Gawadar Port and given the identity to the province in the shape of name and now the incumbent governments befooling the masses and inaugurating the said projects and doing political scoring on it, he added.
Talking to Media here Wednesday, he said that the interior minister was befooling the masses by talking about an agreement with religious groups.
The worst of all is that the PML-N is circulating press releases on behalf of Prime Minister for taking notice of increase in drug prices, which does not correlate to the ground reality and is simply a befooling tactic, the MPA's said.
He added the group of people running fake NGO with the name of BDN and they claimed that the said NGO receiving funds from the WHO which was befooling the people.
In a statement here the ANP KP General Secretary criticized the performance of the PTI government saying it was befooling the masses in the name of change.
Provincial government was completely failed in delivering and trying to befooling the masses on the slogans of change, he added.
Speaking about Imran Khan, he stated that Khan is befooling nation, he says one thing to Judicial Commission (JC) and another to nation.
The APHC Chairman said such visits are only symbolic just to hoodwink the international community on one hand and befooling their own people on the other.