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This came during the visit of HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Wednesday 4th of July, 2018 to Muharraq Governorate to inaugurate the first project done as part of the #Your_Country_first initiative, contributed by students from both genders of the second level of Abdulrahman Kanoo International School, through which they renovated a ramshackle house in the before-mentioned governorate.
The purpose is to connect the before-mentioned sites so that video and audio feeds can be transmitted during the Council meetings taking place in Luxembourg in April, June and October.
The switching frequency can be adjusted by a pulse generator (UPG100 from ELV, Leer, Germany) to the before-mentioned 5 kHz.
While enjoyable, none came together more perfectly than the two before-mentioned outings.
Sometimes, in the working classes, these periods of depression become habitual, and take up the majority of the years of life--more usually in the cases of those whose occupations are sedentary, as in those, before-mentioned, of tailors, shoemakers, &c.
We would refer to the before-mentioned work by Professor Dr.
Overall, 24% of bowlers had lumbar disc degeneration at the start of the study, and 33% at the end of study period, suggesting prevalence and incidence rates much lower than the before-mentioned literature.
The reconstruction of the original length of this prey fish in stomach contents of these top predators is a necessary step for understanding of the feeding ecology of before-mentioned piscivorous animals.
Except from the before-mentioned declarations, today in constitutions of most of the countries in the world, people's basic rights have a special room.
Before teams are allowed to go to work, inspect the charts and make sure that they have followed the before-mentioned guidelines.
The total population size in the research was 250 from top managers, middle managers and supervisors responsible in the before-mentioned Industrial Park and the sample size was determined through Morgan sample population volume table (n=150).
The oddest Winchester competitor I've ever fired was the before-mentioned Burgess "wrist-pump" action.