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It could be the most horrible thing to ever befoul a television screen.
New drilling, they will charge, will befoul our pristine environment, coat cute little animals with ugly, oily sludge, and kill fish by the billions, probably eliminating several species--especially the pretty ones.
I don't want to be there when English and Turkish blood runs in gutters, where Burberry-bedecked bigots befoul the unique Istanbul atmosphere, leading to anyone with an English accent being treated with contempt.
It does offer some insight, however, into how politics and ideology can befoul one's self-respect.
The words of the gospel as uttered by preacher Falwell befoul the sweetness and light of the gospel of Our Lord.
46) `Some unfortunate anchoresses go into the hole of the anchorhouse to befoul the place and do more secretly in it fleshly filthinesses than they might if they were out in the world' (p.
The land is prairie flat here and the air tropical and tinged with the faint smell of petroleum production - major petrochemical complexes befoul the horizon 30 miles northeast, towards the coast.
They should never have allowed rabble-rousers to befoul public places, interfere with commerce, disrupt traffic or endanger public safety.
It's the only way to discourage the money-grabbing, immoral slime-bags who befoul sport with drugs.
Our hubris shines through our imperfectly disguised attitudes toward Islam, attitudes that befoul our policies in the Middle East.
Make it a statement to those who would befoul this free nation through death and destruction.
The 12 cubic feet of air the firms would befoul are shown along the horizontal axis.