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Hedge funds now hover like harpies over any economy that is described as weak ready to devour and befoul any area they can get their talons on.
Or sorcerer's apprentices who befoul the environment and manufacture chemical weapons?
There is no attempt to befoul the reputations of such major historical figures as Washington or Jefferson.
Scorche-dearth tactics befoul and clutter the process, often making the Holy Grail quest for simplicity a purposely mired mission impossible.
To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.
New drilling, they will charge, will befoul our pristine environment, coat cute little animals with ugly, oily sludge, and kill fish by the billions, probably eliminating several species--especially the pretty ones.
As the owner I would evaluate my risks, of course, but I would not befoul the control system with the analyses.
The fuel can absorb significant amounts of heat and not decompose at high temperatures; decomposition creates deposits of carbon that befoul engine parts.
I don't want to be there when English and Turkish blood runs in gutters, where Burberry-bedecked bigots befoul the unique Istanbul atmosphere, leading to anyone with an English accent being treated with contempt.
It does offer some insight, however, into how politics and ideology can befoul one's self-respect.
SNOW JOB, Less than two years after a coalition of environmental and Native American activists kept a pumice mine off Arizona's San Francisco Peaks, another proposal threatens to befoul the mountains, considered sacred by many tribes.