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These were not the people I longed for, these were not my silken people of the past with their soft-spoken voices and elegant poses, gracefully tweaking the stems of fluted glasses; they were vandals all, and we a colonial island befouled and ravished by each passing ship.
As these scenes leave communication to the machinery, its plundered landscape and its befouled skies, they both confirm the retreat from humanity and assert an honesty missing from the words of its religious leader Eli and its civic leader Daniel.
Che even befouled Coca Cola when he nationalized the company's plant because the former owners fled to the United States with the soft drink's secret formula.
The bumper-sticker truism that "war is bad for children and other living things" has been clearly demonstrated once again by the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, which left a landscape littered with cluster munitions, befouled by oil spills, and contaminated by the results of bombed industrial and urban infrastructure.
But because such promised clarity and purity can so easily become in some way corrupted, betrayed, or downright befouled, I thought I might reflect a little on the problematic aspects of some of the sources most commonly invoked--and on the difficulties and responsibilities of biographers when engaging with them.
The rivers, seas and forests on which we all depend are routinely befouled as we surf the Internet for titillation and engage in moronic games shows.
Accordingly, these first decades have led us to dwell on the darknesses that have befouled the connections of one community to the other.
The Archdruid's comment that ``swine have descended and befouled Wales'' is typical comment from Saunders Lewis, who is compared with Shakespeare by Dr Lewis.
but behold the swine have fallen upon it and it is befouled.
For them, the treatment upon that date of the ex-dictator's bullet-riddled, mud-spattered, bloodied and generally befouled corpse (in Milan's Piazzale Loreto) is the perfect pill to purge melancholy.