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The Portu-geezer is favourite to score first (4/6), to befouled first (4/7), to be fouled most (4/9) and to have the first shot on target (8/11).
U]ntil the man without haste overtook her, not to catch, grasp at her, but simply ran past her with one single neat surgeon-like back-handed slash of the razor, running into then out of the instant's immobility into which all motion flowed into one gesture of formulated epicene, almost finicking, even niggardly fatal violence like the bullfighter's, the two of them running on side by side for two or three paces in the moonlight until the woman fell, the man not even spotted and the blade itself barely befouled, as if he had severed not a jugular but a scream and restored merely to the midnight, silence.
These were not the people I longed for, these were not my silken people of the past with their soft-spoken voices and elegant poses, gracefully tweaking the stems of fluted glasses; they were vandals all, and we a colonial island befouled and ravished by each passing ship.
As these scenes leave communication to the machinery, its plundered landscape and its befouled skies, they both confirm the retreat from humanity and assert an honesty missing from the words of its religious leader Eli and its civic leader Daniel.
Now, on the morning when he wakes to begin his day, he finds to his chagrin that he has once again befouled his sheets:
Paul states, and I believe him, that no record exists of his ever uttering either the words or the sentiments found in the befouled newsletters.
The blackness of these sacrificial sons, as well as the violent cleaning out of the befouled and once archetypal pregnant daughter, is a cubist cutting, a reconfiguration through abstraction that separates and juxtaposes to expose previously hidden parts of Faulkner's racially inflected and crucially gendered parable of art.
It would be like imagining that the Palestinians secretly controlled the whole world--all industry, entertainment, and government--and were with all these pervasive powers engaged in ubiquitous efforts to liquidate all Jews, whether through bombs, child cannibalism, or befouled frankfurters.
The bumper-sticker truism that "war is bad for children and other living things" has been clearly demonstrated once again by the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, which left a landscape littered with cluster munitions, befouled by oil spills, and contaminated by the results of bombed industrial and urban infrastructure.
Harrison exemplifies this by citing a remarkable lecture that Griffin delivered to architecture students at the University of Melbourne in 1923, in which he railed against environmental destruction in Australia: 'Each year more and more are:-Forests ring-barked, fields eroded and pest-infested: Rivers befouled and dredged, factory-invaded and slashed by railways .
In several cases, Honeywell has befouled land it has leased, blamed property owners for delays in cleaning up the pollution, and filed court challenges to delay cleanup of the sites indefinitely.
The rivers, seas and forests on which we all depend are routinely befouled as we surf the Internet for titillation and engage in moronic games shows.