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The interpretation game is theirs now, and with the solemn mystifications of their profession, they guard it from befouling by mere "reporters," as Mailer always referred to himself.
For a fee, Luminous recycles electronics of all kinds, relieving customers of liability of losing sensitive data or valuable intellectual property (or befouling the environment) when retiring outdated technology, and fully documents the process.
ecology supporters know, we humans are not only totally befouling our
If the wellheeled dog-owners who use this path are too anti-social to care about befouling the heels of their fellow citizens then they need a little legal encouragement
Bauer's motivation, according to Wittmann, was to urge Germans "to understand their inner responsibility and not take the easy way out, to practice and teach tolerance, and to see the trials of former Nazi perpetrators not as an assault on newly democratic German society or a befouling of the nest, but as an attempt once and for all to 'clean the nest'" (p.
Leaf-footed stink bugs, plum curculios and brown rot fungus seem bent on consuming or befouling the fruits of your labor.
Surely the squanderers, if squanderers they be, are the American people who are guzzling all that oil, or perhaps American corporations who are befouling the world's air and water and chopping down its rain forests.
By believing that his horrific images had real consequences, his rewarding of vices and punishing of virtues, he was raging against and befouling the idea of more than a beneficent God.
7 million gallons of fuel oil spilled initially, befouling 180 miles of coastline.
For decades, a clear answer to that dicey question has evaded historians, while Kennedy loyalists have fought hard to prevent such a stain from befouling the memory of the brothers.