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Augustine saw sexual passion as the conduit of original sin, so heinous and infectious that the passion of parents that led to conception befouls the souls of newborns.
Defining a Non-Conformist its Shit Sack looks a good dean less than kind, but Grose's exegetic anecdote (far too long to quote) is perhaps more amused than cruel, its butt being the preacher who befouls himself in terror at a musical blast mistaken by himself and his congregation as the Last Trump.
The real evildoer is the "my shit doesn't stink" attitude that is taught by all organized religions and which consequently befouls every level of society.
In 1885 I think it was, Chief Seattle told the White House that what befouls the Earth befouls the sons of the Earth.
Or are we going to watch while the relatives of the murdered and tortured seek justice by lawful means, and are waved away by armed bodyguards if they even try to serve a scrap of paper on the man whose immunity befouls us all?
Yet for a man up on the Platonic stratosphere, Ravelstein spends an inordinate amount of time shopping for expensive clothing (a $4500-sport jacket, which he immediately befouls with strong espresso), furniture, food, and other self-indulgences.