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On the other hand, to leave the helpless woman, after what had passed, without another effort to befriend her, was, in her situation, an act of downright inhumanity, and nothing less.
Then coming down cheerfully one morning to breakfast-- it was the very day after my return from England-- I found a letter from an English friend, who up till then had been perfectly innocuous, asking me to befriend Minora.
Fyne's desire to befriend, counsel, and guide young girls of all sorts on the path of life.
He threatened him with the entire loss of his favour, if he ever heard such another word from his mouth; for, he said, he would never support or befriend a reprobate.
They talked to each other and to other people, they filled the tall thin house at Wickham Place with those whom they liked or could befriend.
Theseus departs having promised to aid and befriend him.
George could not give up Amelia-- George was married to her"--and then he related the circumstances of the marriage as we know them already: how the poor girl would have died had not her lover kept his faith: how Old Sedley had refused all consent to the match, and a licence had been got: and Jos Sedley had come from Cheltenham to give away the bride: how they had gone to Brighton in Jos's chariot-and-four to pass the honeymoon: and how George counted on his dear kind sisters to befriend him with their father, as women--so true and tender as they were--assuredly would do.
It was her last farewell word to the old man who had done his best-- thank God, always done his best--to befriend her.
So it does," said Don Quixote, "and he is a sage magician, a great enemy of mine, who has a spite against me because he knows by his arts and lore that in process of time I am to engage in single combat with a knight whom he befriends and that I am to conquer, and he will be unable to prevent it; and for this reason he endeavours to do me all the ill turns that he can; but I promise him it will be hard for him to oppose or avoid what is decreed by Heaven.
The volunteers who befriend through the Cadwyn Mon Project are also enthusiastic about their befriending.
Inverness-based organisation recruits, trains and supports volunteers to befriend people experiencing loneliness due to mental health issues.
In an astonishing interview Martin Graham, 52, claims officers wanted him to befriend Bailey, right, after the Frenchwoman was murdered near Schull, Co Cork, in 1996.