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We have roles for befrienders, falls prevention buddies, coffee corners, transport, cold weather army and home from hospital help, administration, charity shops and more.
She said: "At the moment we've got six befrienders and we'd like to have about 10.
She not only got a befriender but also the support from a befriending project.
Through the PSP both Shaun and Tracy were offered a volunteer befriender.
When Barnardo's first introduced them under their volunteer befriender scheme back in April, it was a different story.
This is a phone line manned by trained volunteers who will put you in touch with a local befriender in your area.
On the contrary, she was a befriender to Third World nobodies and an ally to the persecuted.
Last October, social work specialists Mari Ann Graham and Curt Paulsen explored such dilemmas with BeFriender and Stephen ministers.
More than 2000 veterans contacted Legion Scotland last year looking for a befriender to help them combat loneliness and isolation.
Being paired up with a befriender can give isolated people an important connection to their local community, as well as the chance to enjoy a natter with a friendly face.
Saddaf paired Stella with a befriender named Florence who helped her to get the children out of the house and do the shopping, and gave her the confidence she needed to seek out her local children's services.
Having a mentor or a befriender is proven to improve the outcomes of young homeless or vulnerable people and help them to reach their potential.