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If you would like to volunteer as a befriender to an older person please ring Claire on 024 7643 3980 or if you would like to donate go to www.
It also supports a befriender service available at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, and Morriston Hospital in Swansea for patients in need of support.
A donation of PS10 a month helps pay for a befriender to meet regularly with someone with autism - and PS20 a month helps provide practical support to someone with autism who is looking for work.
Being paired up with a befriender can give isolated people an important connection to their local community, as well as the chance to enjoy a natter with a friendly face.
1: FFRINDIA' PROJECT THIS picture of Rita Cooper and her befriender Bet Roberts, who volunteers with Mantell Gwyneddbacked Ffrindia' Project, illustrates exactly what befriending projects are all about.
An initial assessment of need is made by a project co-ordinator and is followed by the provision of home visits by a trained volunteer befriender and or attendance at a targeted support group.
A befriender working with life limited children at the Selly Oak hospice, 42-yearold Lisa took part in a Sahara expedition to raise money for Acorns last year.
Earlier this year Darcy was given an extra confidence boost when she was paired up with her new friend and carer Jodie Williams, a Barnardo's Cymru volunteer befriender.
This is a phone line manned by trained volunteers who will put you in touch with a local befriender in your area.
On the contrary, she was a befriender to Third World nobodies and an ally to the persecuted.
Last October, social work specialists Mari Ann Graham and Curt Paulsen explored such dilemmas with BeFriender and Stephen ministers.