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Eventually someone heard the noise and decided that he ought to go back behind the bars which, even in his befuddled little mind, he knew he hated.
On the road from there to here, she collects an entourage of admirers, including most of Mexico's cognoscenti, Milos Forman, Nancy Friday, Erica Jong, a limbless harmonica player, and a slightly befuddled African-American husband acquired from a personals ad.
Thus we have Hermia either doggedly determined (as danced by Michelle Dolighan) or sweetly befuddled (Inessa Pakri), opposite Alfredo Lescaille's passionate Lysander versus Edward Stegge's tender one.
Flattened by the noisy wash, described by Spooky as a mix of "water sounds," I could only appreciate the performance from the befuddled perspective of the hotel bartenders in the back, who are clearly stunned by "Chance's" opening salvo, a far cry from casino regulars Ronnie Milsap and Captain & Tennille.
Of all these microorganisms, strains of rod-shaped Salmonella have probably intrigued and befuddled scientists the most.
Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) also befuddled traders when the microprocessor manufacturer reported late Thursday that it expects fourth-quarter sales at the top of its target range.
Several radio skit characters -- befuddled private eye Guy Noir, fed-up cowboys Dusty and Lefty -- are reimagined as real members of the Fitzgerald team: Kevin Kline's Noir is the anachronistically hard-boiled security guard who's prone to slapstick bumbling, and the trail hands (Woody Harrelson and John C.
Brandes, apparently befuddled on drink and pills, is then left to bleed for hours as Meiwes watches a Disney film.
At the time he was still the mystery man who snuck around New York stenciling an image of a barring cow's head onto sidewalks and walls, and whose spray-painted, Rimbaudian slogans befuddled denizens of the now demolished sex pier near the end of Christopher Street.
Plagued by some enigmatic, nocturnal pest, the harassed farmers must contend not only with damage to their crops but also with the intrusions of excitable journalists, gullible tourists, befuddled scientists and indefatigable investigators of the phenomenon.
Disney's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is a one-hour comedy/adventure series starring Peter Scolari as the lovable but befuddled scientist Wayne Szalinski.
We reasonably could expect that gorillas, no matter how sweet and cuddly, would grunt a lot and be somewhat befuddled by events.