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Daniel Radcliffe makes an exciting Broadway debut as the troubled adolescent, and Richard Griffiths, who played the free-spirited professor in both the film and stage versions of The History Boys and befuddled Uncle Vernon in the Potter movies, plays the psychiatrist who tries to help him.
That would bring more woe for Newcastle fans bewildered by Dennis Wise's appointment, befuddled by lack of transfer market activity and less idealistic by the day about Kevin Keegan's return.
At first blush, the Department of Justice kids' page, with its smiling Lady Justice and befuddled cartoon judge, looks like any other run-of-the-mill, feel-good site.
SIR - Poor Peter Hain seems to have become befuddled in the heady air of New Labour's National Conference.
It is Williams's decision to don blackface and perfect the stage role of the shuffling, befuddled Negro, which earns him his singular recognition, while alienating him from colleagues, friends, family and even himself.
Gardner's "Mathematical Games" column for Scientific American has challenged and befuddled legions of readers for more than 25 years.
The dance improvisation/clown troupe Krepsko has a marvelously delicate and melancholy touch, performing simple movements or befuddled everyday actions with a tantalizing, weightless quality.
A novel written in the spirit of Orwell's classic 1984, If Frogs Had Wings by Daniel Joseph Farside is the story of an ordinary weatherman befuddled by odd cloud formations colloquially called "chemtrails".
BEFORE becoming a befuddled reality TV star, Ozzy Osbourne was a rock god.
Assisted by Captain Arthur Hastings (Hugh Fraser), Suchet's Poirot uses "the little grey cells" to help the inevitably befuddled police (usually represented by Phillip Jackson's Chief Inspector Japp) sort out the guilty from the innocent.
Sgro's office is similarly befuddled over whether or not churches have accepted the deal.