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BEGGAR. One who obtains his livelihood by asking alms. The laws of several of the states punish begging as an offence.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* close consultation with people who beg and homelessness service providers regarding the design and delivery of the strategy;
Ulugh Beg had famous predecessors in the Samarkand region.
One of the most common ways to beg on the streets was to follow pedestrians, calling them "master," "madame," "uncle," or "aunt" and asking for money.
This means a person who has put just two children on the streets to beg could make as much as Rs150,000 a month,' the officer explained.
It follows a council report which found that only a small number of people who beg in Liverpool are also rough sleepers.
As per media reports, Mirza Saleem Beg was appointed as a Chairman of PEMRA for the duration of 4 years by the Ministry of Information.
"We ask the parents of these children to be accountable because sometimes parents force their children to beg," Bassam Nasser Hamdan Al Hajri, social monitor at the Ministry of Social Development, said.
The ambush escalated into violence and led to an attack on Beg, who in the run-up to the meet-up had sent sexual messages to the "girl" via social media including WhatsApp.
Why, for example, are there particular groups who are more likely to beg in the urban centers?
He further submitted that a few months later, Aslam Beg invited him to a ceremony held in Karachi where he was treated like the chief guest.
GARDAI arrested 65 parents who allowed their children to beg on the streets in a nine-month period last year, figures showed.