beg pardon

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Dubbing Sharif brothers as Shar brother he said that they would soon flee to Jeddah, saying that PPP leadership never beg pardon from any dictator and fled to Saudi Arabia.
Finally, to the gullible, myopic His Honour Judge Raymond Plonker - beg pardon, Plunkett
That seems to the philosophy that holds sway in the Department of Education, beg pardon, Department for Children, Schools and Families (at least that's until the next reshuffle).
Clark has now done our homework for us; we can no longer simply beg pardon for ignorance.
Rosalina Tuyuc, president of the Comision Nacional de Resarcimiento (CNR) said, "It's not enough to beg pardon for the harm.
Straton should weaken his position as a Baptist voice of fundamental truth by putting a woman preacher into his pulpit--we beg pardon, not a woman, a girl child.
200 YEARS AGO: I, Joseph Daniel, of the city and county of Lichfield, yeoman, hereby acknowledge that I have, by riding in and driving a cart in an improper manner, obstructed the free passage of a gig, the property of Mr John Mabson, of Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, and putting him, the said Mr Mabson, in bodily fear and danger; and having been brought before one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said city and county, beg pardon for the said offence.
Pastors meddling too intimately in the affairs of the citizenry were repeatedly humiliated and forced to beg pardon from rebellious congregants who vilified them as preachers of false doctrine, as "conspirators" holding office by subterfuges, as "calumniators," and as "enemies of the people.
Will Jeane Kirkpatrick beg pardon for her strident performance before the United Nations?
The jirga members told the vice-chancellor that she is their guest here in the district and they beg pardon for the misbehaving of Adnan.
The condemnation resolution also demanded that the American Ambassador in Pakistan should beg pardon.