beg pardon

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Curtsies and the usual ceremonials between women who are strangers to each other, being past, Sophia said, "I have not the pleasure to know you, madam." "No, madam," answered Mrs Miller, "and I must beg pardon for intruding upon you.
Laurie and I are both so proud, it's hard to beg pardon. But I thought he'd come to it, for I was in the right.
The custom-house officers at New York were not men likely to pick out a pocket-handkerchief from a gentleman's--I beg pardon, from a colonel's--wardrobe, and I passed unnoticed among sundry other of my employer's speculations.
I beg pardon; I had forgotten that Shakespeare will not flourish for seventeen hundred and fifty years to come.
"It is true; I beg pardon." Then he turned on his subordinate and calmly said, "Bring another label."
I opened my mouth to say something or other; I tried to beg pardon, but could not.
`I beg pardon, your Majesty,' he began, `for bringing these in: but I hadn't quite finished my tea when I was sent for.'
"Beg pardon, lieutenant," said the midshipman, "but cannot President Barbicane write?"
"Beg pardon, is the Yausky bridge done yet, or shall I have to drive around?" he asked.
"I beg pardon, ma'am," said Haley, bowing slightly, with a still lowering brow; "but still I say, as I said before, this yer's a sing'lar report.
I beg pardon for asking; but I should like to hear how she is!'
Sancho made a bag of his coat, and, getting together as much as he could, and as the bag would hold, he loaded his beast, and then hastened to obey his master's call, and helped him to remove the bachelor from under the mule; then putting him on her back he gave him the torch, and Don Quixote bade him follow the track of his companions, and beg pardon of them on his part for the wrong which he could not help doing them.