beg to differ

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Fashionistas the globe over may say millionaire model Kate Moss looks amazing whatever she wears, but we beg to differ.
As a veteran teacher, I beg to differ with John Keeley's comments regarding immigrant children repeating their parents' educational level.
She has claimed that Osama Bin Laden's cause is just ( well, that could be a matter of opinion, but when she states that the IRA "never targeted civilians" I beg to differ.
In response to the letter from Sara Powell of TV Licensing (August 27), headed 'We All Need A TV Licence' - I beg to differ.
A I BEG to differ with M Gibson from South London (Question Time, August 2).
IN reply to the Record reader who claimed Madonna should 'giveup', I beg to differ She looks fantastic for a woman of nearly 50 andwomen half her age would pay dearly to look as stunning asshe does in her new video.
Well I beg to differ,as one very dangerous place that does not have a camera,and rarely has the Arrive Alive camera there either, is the Ewloe-Hawarden road and consequently,idiots are continually being allowed to race through the area.
Hence I beg to differ with R Williams' letter (Daily Post,April 16) who claims Professor Youngblood ``knows little about the way of the countryside,and the care the farmers provide for their animals''.
Having listened to the 20-odd thousand fans who sit in the Anfield Main Stand each week, I beg to differ.
After his 10-week tour of duty in Afghanistan, I beg to differ.
Passengers joining the Rewards4all scheme will be able to exchange points for either free flights or one year's executive lounge access in what the carrier claims is a low cost industry first, although bmibaby might beg to differ.
Ms Alden says the remedy is short-lived with litter being dropped and soon after it is cleared up - I beg to differ.