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Nor had you any curiosity to know other states or their laws: your affections did not go beyond us and our state; we were your especial favourites, and you acquiesced in our government of you; and here in this city you begat your children, which is a proof of your satisfaction.
The river begat Orsilochus, who ruled over much people and was father to Diocles, who in his turn begat twin sons, Crethon and Orsilochus, well skilled in all the arts of war.
And here he dealt out justice and mercy in a rough way, and begat sons and daughters, and hunted the fox, and grumbled at the badness of the roads and the times.
as Who begat Whom, or some information concerning the Amorites), Mrs Milvey on this special occasion resorted to the device of buying her off with a present of tea and sugar, and a loaf and butter.
And lo, it came to pass that the twostroke begat the four-stroke, and the four-stroke begat maxi-scooters, mighty beasts with hefty centralised engines and separate swingarms so that they accelerated and handled like motorbikes.
A broader understanding of the history of ability tracking and school choice, grounded in the complete scholarly literature, holds that the consolidated schools of the Progressive Era begat ability tracking, which begat worse educational experiences and outcomes for disadvantaged students, which caused minority and low-income families to flee traditional public schools for alternative schools of choice that treat them better.
A Walmart Supercenter begat a Lowe's, which begat Publix, Staples and Tire Kingdom.
It would be also be a fitting tribute to the talent the city's nourished down the years, as it was sculpted by artist George Wagstaffe in the late 1950s while a student at the Coventry School of Art, later absorbed into the Lanchester Poly which begat the uni.
And Harry Potter begat Twilight, and Twilight begat the current wave of dystopian sci-fi sparked by The Hunger Games .
Koch said that Triple Bock begat Millennium, which, in turn, begat Utopias, the brewery's ongoing bi-annual "extreme" beer.
How far interior illumination has come over the cenf uries: Torches begat candles begat incandescent bulbs begat the "clap-on, clap-off" system begat every manner of high-tech bulb on the market today.
Local musicians Bryn Merrick and Roman Jugg may have rocked up and out of the place as members of The Damned, but apart from punk nearly men Victimize and '80s rock overlords The Missing, who begat LA's Lord, there's been nothing to avail from the Vale for some considerable time.