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I can only conclude (in order for him to beget a wife) that his mother Eve conceived a daughter which of course would be tantamount to incest, which as we all know is a mortal sin.
However, to describe the relation between the Father and Son this way opens Ambrose's theology to the possibility that the Father chose to beget the Son in time.
I was so surprised and excited to hear that I won and that Beget was right in my neighborhood," said Rebecca.
Inside, a succession of eroded spaces and cavities beget a moody, cave-like atmosphere, complete with display vitrines sculpted in the shape of stalagmites and stalactites.
According to this thinking, it's fair to assume that certain crimes beget other crimes.
A genuine and valid marriage also includes the intention to beget children.
Carnivals also beget some really big costumes and head coverings, such as the Lady Olinda giant puppet from the Carnaval in Olinda, Brazil.
Persistently unfavorable audits beget either higher reinsurance premiums or an end to the relationship.
Desperate circumstances beget creative solutions, and Meyers creates a rich tapestry which whirls around a simple family just trying to hold on to sanity.
The researchers comment that if `"problems beget problems,' .
This might be called "positive reinforcement" for politicians, in hopes that a good deed will beget more good deeds, but we have our doubts.