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But let it be admitted, for argument's sake, that mere wantonness and lust of domination would be sufficient to beget that disposition; still it may be safely affirmed, that the sense of the constituent body of the national representatives, or, in other words, the people of the several States, would control the indulgence of so extravagant an appetite.
Independent of those local circumstances which tend to beget and increase power in one part and to impede its progress in another, we must advert to the effects of that superior policy and good management which would probably distinguish the government of one above the rest, and by which their relative equality in strength and consideration would be destroyed.
And if you accustom yourself to this, Nancy, the very effort itself will make you love them in some degree--to say nothing of the goodwill your kindness would beget in them, though they might have little else that is good about them.
Do not beget children when you are come back from ill-omened burial, but after a festival of the gods.
It is a good day on which to beget or to be born both for a male and a female: it is never an wholly evil day.
Lust is sin,"--so say some who preach death--"let us go apart and beget no children
We tend to forget that threatening violence begets violence - and offering love begets love.
This ability to influence everything begets a sense of ownership - that this is their workplace just as much as it is anyone's.
The key to Basil's argument is his assertion that "we also hear the names in the nature, and a father always begets a son like himself, and we may understand the Father to be the cause of an essence like his.
Confidence begets confidence; stability begets stability; security begets security; peace begets peace," he said.
And we will study how this primordial union begets the mystery of Zeno's arrow stitching the sky across a battlefield, or begets the way sweet nothings from a random-dialing jailhouse phone might morbidly prick the pulse.
Violence begets violence and disrespect begets disrespect, but the belief persists that punishment can be applied justly as a deterrent to crime.