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We tend to forget that threatening violence begets violence - and offering love begets love.
This ability to influence everything begets a sense of ownership - that this is their workplace just as much as it is anyone's.
The key to Basil's argument is his assertion that "we also hear the names in the nature, and a father always begets a son like himself, and we may understand the Father to be the cause of an essence like his.
Confidence begets confidence; stability begets stability; security begets security; peace begets peace," he said.
Time allows familiarity, familiarity begets intimacy, intimacy begets trust, trust begets friendship.
Violence begets violence and disrespect begets disrespect, but the belief persists that punishment can be applied justly as a deterrent to crime.
He begets not, nor is He begotten and there is nothing like unto Him.
Violence begets violence, and sometimes a simple, intelligent setup begets an inelegant, dumb pay-off.
M artin Luther King Jr famously decreed, "Hate begets hate.
THAT TERROR BEGETS TERROR IS THE LESSON other movies as well, movies that also remind us that those carefully taught to hate are often seen as heroes and martyrs.
The power to tame one's mind begets the power to change the world, according to Turner; simple exercises and techniques are presented to aid readers of all faiths in taking the first step on the crucial journey to increased mental clarity.
Here, as throughout, Kern emphasizes that the greater specificity of modern scientific understanding (epitomized by the replacement of vague notion of humors with empirically verifiable/chemically synthesizable hormones) only begets greater complexity, as authors ultimately come no closer to understanding how or why hormonal imbalances, amongst thousands of other identified neurochemicals, contribute to murder.