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uncover cankerous growths in present-day philosophy, in an endeavour to make ready, as it were, the patient for the Healer; correlate faith with faith, recover the secret of Isis, which is: there was One in the beginning, Creator, Fosterer, Begetter, the Same-forever in the papyrus-swamp, in the Judean meadow.
It is a mistake, Hilary believes, to assume that because the divinity of the Begetter and Begotten are inseparable, the two are thereby the same.
Grundy the absolutist seems also to have been the unacknowledged begetter of Burton's relativism.
When on high the heaven had not been named, Firm ground below had not been called by name, Naught but primordial Apsu, their begetter, And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all.
Although the metaphors with which to wield contempt aren't as juicy, Gass is equally as scornful of his father for the racism and anti-Semitism to which, among other prejudices, his begetter gave voice.
Let us only trust that the Taylor company, in one form of another, will also long outlast its founder and begetter.
It is hard to believe that Albright did not himself provide the impetus for a project which he has pursued with such relish; but if, as Albright states, Kathleen Hansell is indeed the 'onlie begetter of this volume', then she deserves our thanks, as does her editorial team for having produced that rarity: a virtually error-free work of reference.
Such impersonal identification indicates that Macon and Milkman come to view the father less as a begetter nor someone to whom they are tied by biological, imaginary, or affective bonds, and more as an embodiment of patriarchal power, or in Lacanian terms, the Law of the Father.
The real job is still that referred to in the metaphor of a minister as the 'architect' of a policy: the instigator, organizer, begetter of the idea.
Wonder is, as Aristotle said, the begetter of both philosophy and poetry, but if those twin offspring are estranged, the one drifts into academic sterility while the other tends toward an increasingly arbitrary fantasy" (p.
If print capitalism is the begetter of a new world order in which state bureaucracies are supported by communities made out of novels, newspapers, television, and the World Wide Web, O'Connor, like the Marx Brothers, stumbles across a way of making this world order strange by Hebraizing rather than Hellenizing.
The begetter of credit expansion was the banker, not the authority" (1998, 788).