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My only reservation with his theory is that perhaps the interrelated person-defining activities of begetting, being begotten, and being spiraled might better be seen as variations on a single activity, e.g.
And anyone who objects to violence's begetting violence, unless he says why violence is wrong in the first place, is only finding fault with reproduction, like any benighted pro-abortionist.
"All of these gradual 'slouchings towards Gomorrah' are the natural byproduct of the severing of the sexual act from the prime end of that act, and from its fundamental natural function: the begetting of the child.
(18) Thus the Son can share in everything that belongs to the divine substance and not have to beget, because begetting (or being begotten) belongs to the category of "property" (proprietas), not to potestas.
and is an image of the Father's begetting, as our leading quote
Today, the organization's success is not only attracting attention, but begetting offspring.
The marital consent establishes an organization or foundation, one that has an essential reference to the begetting and rearing of offspring.
In the story about faith as the tiny mustard seed begetting power as great and multifaceted as a full-grown tree, the question being answered seems to be, "How much faith is needed?" Today Jesus answers us again.