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Ambrose has to address the question of will, namely, is the begetting a question of the Father's will?
If the parents' begetting of a child to be nurtured and
King thought that nonviolence begetting violence with good media coverage would give his movement a symbol, an impetus to continue.
We count as "our kind" others brought into existence in like manner, that is, through acts of begetting which are fundamentally biological and not subject to perfect control.
If Burton partakes of Signac's goals, he has abandoned the latter's use of the figure (as if to suggest that no individual has privileged access to cosmic mystery), and his gestures are more fluid and fast, tending to integrate with the geometry, each adumbrating and informing and begetting the next.
This special issue on ministries is about begetting - begetting through a multitude of creative expressions of service that may add up to the greatest sign of hope in the church today.
Mediated through mirrors and magazines, consumerism heightened emotional investment in hearth and home, in that 'private life' which historians have been closely scrutinizing, begetting a new domesticity and the psychological intensification of the family circle.
Edith, are asked to become "guides of other persons striving to the light; they must practice spiritual maternity, begetting and drawing sons and daughters nearer to the kingdom of God.
It's a case of zero tolerance begetting zero sense, culminating in a 30-year-old federal policy that has produced the cruelest of absurdities: denying, in the name of ideological purity, treatment to those who suffer.
The Spirit is not simply the passive result of the dynamic relationship between the Father and the Son, but eternally present with the Father in the Father's begetting of the Son and with the Son in the Son's ongoing response to the Father.
And anyone who objects to violence's begetting violence, unless he says why violence is wrong in the first place, is only finding fault with reproduction, like any benighted pro-abortionist.