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Very well," cried D'Artagnan, at last, furious, "very well, since you wish it, let us leave our bones in this beggarly land, where it is always cold, where fine weather is a fog, fog is rain, and rain a deluge; where the sun represents the moon and the moon a cream cheese; in truth, whether we die here or elsewhere matters little, since we must die.
Statistical data show that church members are more beggarly than they have ever been; in spite of the wealth of the Nigerian nation.
This is evangelism from the margins, where power is subverted and the location of God's promise is witnessed in life-transforming ways and the irony of calling a beggarly Jesus a king.
Borzage's films situate the beggarly real within a cosmological, ritualised space.
A character in Thomas Hardy's novel Jude the Obscure claims: "The beggarly question of parentage--what is it, after all?
In Bibiclat, devotees transform themselves into mud people every June 24 to simulate the beggarly attire of St.
He warned the Millerites against returning to the "weak and beggarly elements of the world," (49) as this is exactly what Christ predicted of nonbelievers.
Charles O'Hara's 1752 survey of economic conditions in Ireland linked the predominance of pasture to the beggarly conditions of the poor and echoed pamphleteers' claims that tillage held the key to economic development.
but who in London hath not heard of his dissolute, and licentious liuing; his fonde disguisunge of a Master of Arte with ruffianly haire, vnseemely apparel, and more vnseemelye Company: his vaineglorious and Thrasonicall brauinge: his piperly Extemporizing, and Tarletonizing, his apishe counterfeiting of euery ridiculous, and absurd toy: his fine coosening of Iuglers, and finer iugling with cooseners: hys villainous cogging, and foisting; his monstrous swearinge, and horrible forswearing; his impious profaning of sacred Textes: his other scandalous, and blasphemous rauinge; his riotous, and outragious surfeiting: his continuall shifting of lodgings: his plausible mustering, and banquetringe of roysterly acquaintaunce at his first comminge; his beggarly departing in euery hostisses debt [.
The resulting little bag with the pleats at the top looked like a purse, but there was nothing beggarly about its contents.
LaMamo's practical revolutionary leadership is so engaging and salutary that the devilish and corrupt Waziri is made to get his comeuppance, and the Great Mai is made to eat the humble pie by his cowardly and beggarly response to the people's raging ire after they have wasted the wily Waziri.
Without this awareness, the beggar analogy can only serve the purpose of merely reacting to perceived guilt and sensationalizing humility and beggarly conditions for no productive purpose.