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As far as the child is concerned, just because the beggary act ( The Bombay Prevention of Beggary Act, 1959, which was amended and extended to Delhi) is there, it does not empower you to treat the child in this manner," she said.
The tactics used for beggary are now becoming a business as mostly the general public believes that there is some support behind the beggars due to which the authorities are unable to control them," said a shopkeeper at Super Market, Islamabad.
Initially these children were involved in beggary but the centre staff held meeting with their parents and convinced them to send them here for education, he informed.
Professional beggary is becoming a social menace as more and more beggars including physically fit, healthy and young men, women and children are turning towards this profession.
This coupled with the lack of legal papers permitting any sort of work forces this category of visitors to eke out a living from beggary.
He said a campaign was going on against beggary for making beggar children useful citizens.
Zahid Khan, a retired producer of Radio Pakistan, said that some of beggars were rolling in wealth and added that people should discourage professional beggars as beggary was a curse.
Those prisoners have already completed their sentences for beggary, illegal stay, working on visit visas, driving under the influence of alcohol and non-payments of loans," according to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Beggary is an organized crime as gangs pick up children from remote areas after paying some amount to their poor parents and take them to different cities on the pretext of providing respectable jobs to them.
But for myriads beggary is lifestyle, especially in a big city like Lahore where all the major public places are teeming with these professionals.
Most of those who commit theft, slavery, beggary, fraud and other crimes are often unemployed.
Despite media reports pointing to rise in beggary growing number of street beggars are seen in the twin cities which not only creates nuisance for motorists but also poses a security threat, an old citizen Zaka Ullah told.