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The only notable flaws in the New Zealand squad is the lack of size and the absence of Oklahoma City Thunder back-up center Steven Adams, who begged off from his NT commitments.
I was insulted, and I simply begged off by saying, "It was very nice to meet you.
A dozen pros begged off playing, and the uninterested bunch that showed up in Athens seemed headed in a dozen different directions.
He got turned over at odds-on last time, but he hit the front too soon under a 7lb claimer and Fallon, who has begged off Easter Ogil to take the ride, will be leaving his lunge a little later.
That arrangement lasted until 1977 when Sabin begged off the early shift.
The tree branched into swash-bucklers, riders on the Spanish main, swordsmen, petty nobility, an aide-de-camp to the Duke of Wellington, an Arawak or two - but not the anthropophagic Carib - a female pirate who begged off execution due to motherhood, but never the guineaman, the driver, the cane cutter, the furious Maroon.
Reyes, incidentally, was able to keep former PBA MVP in the lineup and insert Lee because Fonacier had begged off from further international play this year.
Players like Blake Griffin, Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge previously begged off from joining Team USA's training camp in Las Vegas.
I had always done this coaster in the past, but I saw those loops and, after Bizarro, I begged off.
It hurts when you fall," said Josh Farnsworth, 17, of Pleasant Hill High School, who begged off the log-rolling contest, but competed in other events at the Oregon Logging Conference this weekend.
Sedgwick initially begged off, feeling that the movie was a rare opportunity for her husband to gain the kind of critical raves that have eluded him through what has been a successful, workmanlike career and that her being in it would distract audiences.
Then someone mentions that the absent Francome had been meant to be "fronting" the programme from Warwick but had begged off duty.