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BEGGAR. One who obtains his livelihood by asking alms. The laws of several of the states punish begging as an offence.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to a study on begging published in 2007 by the Yemen Centre for Study and Research (YCSR), price hikes and unemployment are the main reasons behind the increase of begging in Sana'a.
Although begging has recently become a 'hot topic' for public debate and media commentary, (1) it has received relatively little attention as a subject of legal, public or social policy research, analysis or design.
"We're working with our partners to deliver an outreach programme to help support those who are begging so that they no longer need to beg, and we're urging people not to give money to individuals begging on the street.
"Begging is spreading and has reached inside malls and commercial facilities, portraying a bad image of Bahrain," he said.
If a begging ban is to be considered, it would depend crucially on whether law enforcement officials could be held accountable for enforcing it.
'We registered cases against 54 of them under the Begging Act but they were punished only for a few hours when presented in court,' he said.
Mehtab, a 27-year-old man who was found begging near Al Duri supermarket in Al Qasimiya residential area, said that he came from India to the UAE three months back, after he was "promised a job in a grocery shop".
Presiding over a meeting here at Shahbaz Hall on Wednesday which also attended among others by the DIG Hyderabad Naim Ahmed Shaikh, the Commissioner underlined the need of taking strict action against professional beggers and rehabilitation of the deserving so that Hyderabad could be made free from professional begging and beggars.
The way we come across various reports on begging brings out the fact that shows that beggars are so used to begging that they actually prefer not to work.
Announcing the anti-begging campaign on Wednesday , Assistant Commissioner Islamabad Bushra Rao talking to private news channel said, special teams have been constituted to control the begging practice regularly, adding that strict action will be taken against those who force children and women to adopt the cruel profession.
Anyone found using children for begging shall face imprisonment of not less than three months and not more than three years.
We must stop these people from begging and instead help them get some sort of work or job.