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They begin to address natural areas as if they had the same standing as interstate highways.
The pitching motion begins with a series of simultaneous and sequential actions.
Winter will begin on December 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, when the North Pole has its greatest tilt away from the sun.
AirTran Airways will begin one daily nonstop flight between Newport News-Williamsburg and Tampa Feb.
We are working with our top 100 suppliers to begin tagging cases and pallets beginning in January 2005.
The reading encompasses a unit that begins in verse 3 and extends through verse 14.
That is to say, assign your student to begin at each learned phrase and learn to play it followed immediately and fluently by its next neighbor.
Ten actors take the seats--some have dual parts--and the journey through life, death, justice, and then life again in America begins.
Begin by passing the knot to the right around the group.
The breviary itself as a form didn't begin until the 11th century, when one of the popes could no longer juggle all the books required to keep the Hours and asked his librarian to put together what were essentially Cliff Notes, just the opening six or eight words of each part of each service, so he would have a road map himself.
International impressionist artist Guy Begin and Begin Edition International have announced the creation of Begin U.
Here Anderson begins to lose his deft touch as he tries to enliven the political debates of the late 1760s, but brings the curtain down on his story just as those debates begin to point toward the American Revolution.